Consultant or Coach

what is a business consultant, business consulting company, due diligent, due dilligenceYou know your business is not running at it’s maximum efficiency. You have a high need to turn this around, and after reading a bunch of articles, taking to people you trust, you know you need help but don’t know exactly what kind.

The people you know and trust that have helped you along the way are great but over time have developed their own opinions on your company or business endeavor and are no longer providing the break through ideas you are looking for, or they are and because of your close relationship you may not always listen.

You are considering outside help , but your running a Small / Medium sized business (SMB) and can’t afford to call Accenture or McKinsey & Company.

There are basically two schools of thought one being a Coach and the other being a Consultant.

Consultants need to understand your business in detail to perform in-depth analyses, diagnose operational problems or issues, building operational plans to correct the deficiencies and help management implement the changes acting as a catalyst for change.

On the other side there are Coaches. Companies sometime hire coaches for executives that are underperforming in one or more areas.  Coaches provide guidance, support accountability and encouragement for executives, leaders, and or managers. Coaches may perform research to understand how the company operates but leads the owner to

Coaches require you to do you own discovery, find answers to the questions and set their own direction for success.   They do this by having regular meeting and holding you accountable, offering encouragement, and facilitating changes that should produce positive changes in the business.

What I find lacking in coaching is:

  • the sharing of personal business experiences like a mentor would do
  • providing advice and/or alternatives to business operations like a consultants would do
  • provide training to raise the business knowledge like a trainer would do
  • avoidance of the kind of personal issues that often put a business owner in analysis paralysis leaving these issue for a therapist or like coach.

Blending the Coach and the Consultant gives the owner of an SMB the best return on their investment.  They can benefit from a detailed analysis of their operation so they know what is broke and alternative from an experienced operator on ways to fix it.  They can then benefit from the coach in terms of accountability and guidance.

Additionally in a model where the consultant and coach skills are combined the business can also benefit from having a mentor, trainer as well as coach and consultant that is interested not only the stark realities of the business but the personality that is driving the business with all the personal attributes, strengths and weakness that everyone of us deal with day in and day out..

The business will further benefit from the coach helping the owner stay focused on their business working on the business and not in the business.

Whether you business needs assistance with sales, marketing, manufacturing, team building, customer support, services, assessment of employee skills, team building, accountability starts with linking business metrics to company and individual performance.

Companies like D&R Creative LCC based in Scottsdale Arizona is one such company that can provide your business with the assistance to analyze your business, develop plans to make it more effective and provide you with the follow through to help you be more successful.