Guerrilla Marketing™ – Why Now

Guerrilla MarketingAs the economy struggles or slowly recovers, depending on your point of view, small and medium business feel the continued pressures of escalating costs and pricing pressures due to competition. With 6% to 10% of a companies net revenues being spent on sales and marketing it is important to be able to measure and manage spend and your Return On your Investment (ROI) in sales and marketing.

In years gone by small and medium business used to advertise in the newspapers, yellow pages, direct mail, radio and if they could afford it TV.  Then came the internet, with email marketing, websites, pop up ads followed by pop up blockers, and lets not forget the most annoying tele-marketing.  These methods are not dead but they are in need of life support as the next generation of marketing takes hold.

Think about where people now want to access information about products and services … does the term mobile enter your lexicon?  If not it should because more and more people especially those under the age of 50 are using more and more mobile devices to access information and search for answers to their questions.

The type of information is also moving forward from the traditional written form to things like video.  I shudder at the thought of watching infomercials on my cell phone but its coming in many different forms.

Text messages are open and read quicker then emails these days. People are 26% more likely to open and watch a video versus reading an email or text message, and they are doing it not from the comfort of their offices or homes but more and more while on the move.

As a Local Guerrilla Marketing Consultant I focus on these new methods of marketing, mobile social media, video, and optimizing them to a mobile device.  Using uncommon methods to help a business owner get to their client base quicker, cheaper and better then ever while keeping ROI in the forefront.

There are competitors out their but none as competitively priced with the business owners success in mind.  Do your home work and you’ll find that marketing the guerrilla way is the most cost effective way to get and keep more customers.

Jay Levinson wrote the book that coined the phrase Guerrilla Marketing™  back in the 80s.  Today Jay Levinson is writing a new book about Guerrilla Marketing™  using today’s methods.  These same methods are what is being offered by your Local Guerrilla Marketing Consultant, the consultant can assist you and your business in dominating your niche over your competition.

Don’t wait to read Jay’s new book along with your competitors. Speed to Market is important in today’s business world and the media driven mobile market is dominating all other forms of marketing and at a price you can afford.

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