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Guerrilla Solutions

Our marketing approach stays on the leading edge of technology and focuses on using Guerrilla Stylr Marketing techniques to help local businesses dominate their competition while keeping expenses under control.

Guerrilla Marketing is not new it was created by Jay Conrad Levinson.  You may have heard of Jay, he coined the term “Guerrilla Marketing” in his book with the same name back in 1983.  That book sold over 21 Million copies and the concepts that helped Steve Jobs launch Apple and Bill Gates launch Microsoft are still taught today in MBA classes around the world.

The concept is to use unconventional methods for promoting your interests, relying on time, energy and imagination versus a big marketing budget.

Fast forward to 2011 and you’ll find that we have partnered with Jay Conrad Levinson to bring his “guerrilla” expertise to Internet Marketing.

Low Cost, Effective, Marketing Solutions for today’s competitive business environment.

If you want to discuss how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity OR  for more information on our cutting edge solutions like Video Marketing/Video SEO, Mobile/Video Mobile Marketing, and done for you Social Media Marketing so you can drive more customer to your business and put you in THE dominate position in the search engines  visit or email us at