What is Business Consulting and Why You Should Consider Hiring a Business Consultant

What Is Business ConsultingBusiness consultants have become a critical part of an organization or company’s ability to achieve their optimum performance. Business consultants not only can save you time and money but they also increase your competitive position by expanding your professionalism.

Business Consultants are outside experts that can bring a fresh perspective to existing business challenges. They can bring a “short-cut” to information and know-how that may not exist within an organization.

Hiring an outside expert can bring in skills that currently do not exist in an organization, or need to be enhanced, or are needed for a short duration.  Most companies keep their employees engaged 100% of the time in the current operations.  Too often, when an organization needs to take on a new project or make changes they over task their existing staff by giving an existing person, who is 100% employed, a second job, and in doing so get a reduced focus and split effort on the existing operations and compromising the new project due to lack of focus.  Hiring a consultant can solve this issue.

There are times when an organization has a specific problem that they are struggling with.  This is more common then anyone in business likes to admit.  However if we consider that organizations hire people that are like themselves what ever gaps exist are magnified the larger an organization becomes.  As an example I was working for a products company that wanted to start to selling and providing value added services.  They turned to their hardware sales manager, who had 20+ years in hardware sales and asked that person to hire Services Sales Executives.  The sales manager had little to no experience in consultative sales, or how to interview and hire a consultative sales executive. They ended up hiring hired people they were comfortable with, people like themselves, hardware sales people. Using an outside consultant could have augmented the existing staff with Consultative Sales Recruiting experience.

Another area where consultants can help is when an organization needs a different perspective in the analysis and diagnoses of their operations.  Every organizational culture develops their own “big rules”, the best practices that made them successful.  However, the business environment continually changes and the business practices that made you successful in one economy or set of business conditions may no longer work. Many companies with many smart people no longer exist because they were trapped in a business paradigm that they created and were not willing to change.  They hired only people who agreed with them and held on too tightly to out of date best practices.  Using a Business Consultant can bring a different perspective to the table and help facilitate an unbiased analysis of the existing operations.

Consultants are the most effective in an organization that know what they are looking to accomplish, have clearly defined objectives and are “open” to the fact that the business environment continually changes and your organization must be making constant adjustment to perform optimally.

“If it isn’t broke, break it !”