MySpace 4 Sale

mySpace beta site

mySpace Beta site

All things being equal it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that troubled MySpace is fixing up the curb appeal prior to putting the company up for sale.

Reuters, CNET, All Things Digital, Fortune, Forbes are all talking about it. Layoffs are coming at MySpace in an attempt to get the books to look stronger and in November of last year they put up their new style website.

MySpace revenues are too small for News Corp to mention in their financial disclosures but estimates range from $350 mm run rate to $600 mm.

One analyst estimated that MySpace could sell for as much as $15 billion.  That would indicate a multiple of approximately 25 which is still a stiff multiple for the number 2 player who’s market share is less then 50% of #1 Facebook.

Still with 60m visitors a month vs Facebooks 150 being #2 may not be a bad position.