FirstService Residential Bad Business Practice

what is a business consultant, business consulting company, due diligent, due dilligence, what is business consulting, business plan services, writing a business planBottom line in my opinion FirstService Residential maybe practicing unethical business practices.  Here is why I think so.

After 18 years my Home Owners association decided to use FirstService for home owners fee collection.  First Service can’t seem to send me a notice when my owner ship dues are do but can always find my address after they have levied fees

01/01/2014   ASSESSMENT-SEMI ANN      277.00

01/26/2014    LATE CHARGE                             15.00

01/26/2014     REBILL FEE                                  20.00

02/26/ 2014  PL DEMAND LETTER                 50.00

the only letter I receive is dated 2/27/2014

I have called and have not been able to get an explanation of why I’m not getting notifications until there are $85.00 worth of fees.

There are at the time of this post 28 billing and collection complaints with the Better business Bureau.

Home Owner Associations can be a pain sometimes but when they hire companies that act , in my opinion irresponsible they need to voted to the curb.  Hey HOA officers your on notice.

As for FirstService I’ll get on the board again, with an agenda to replace this “management company”.