How Not To Do Social Media Marketing

marketing onlineSocial Media Marketing can help with many different aspects of your business from Lead Generation and Branding to helping you with Engaging Your Customers to better understand their preferences and enhance your relationship management. It can help you generate more traffic, get customer feedback, improving your ROI, announce new products or services, and influence the search engine rankings.

In the world of Social Marketing there is website where local merchants can connect with other local merchants to promote your business in the community and open additional opportunities to network and its called MerchantCircle.  MerchantCircle was recently acquired by Reply!, and according to the website they believe the combined companies will be more efficient at connecting companies to customers.

To date the new company is failing in my opinion. The hundreds of local connections I had were lost since the merger. It took months to build the list and all that work is lost. The support function is set up to send you to canned answers that were of no help. In paragraph 10 or 11 of the long winded email response that basically says RTFM they say if your answer is not in any of these lets us know and in a few days we’ll see if someone can help you. (I’m paraphrasing of course). My business on MerchantCircle is D&R Creative LLC (

In a day were social networking is required to keep your business connected to your community this kind of issue can cost you thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands.

Luckily there is a solution,  Social Media Guerrilla Marketing where you can Dominate your Competition while keeping Costs under control. We work with you and your business to quickly build and maintain a social media presence that’s right for you. We will set up the accounts, blog, tweet and post to create an immediate impact.

Our experts know everything there is to know about creating an effective online presence that will increase your leads, sales and business through social media beginning now!

Right now people are talking about your business. Are they spreading good news and creating new customers. Or spreading bad news and scaring customers away ?

We allow you to control the Buzz making sure its good news about your business!
Protect your brand and grow your customer base.

If you want to engage in Social Media but don’t have the time to build and manage your professional presence let us do it for you.

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