Why Use Guerrilla Marketing™ Tactics

“Guerrilla Marketing™ ” is an unconventional  way to approach marketing. Note that the spelling of guerrilla is G-U-E-R-R-I-L-L-A as in “guerrilla warfare” not the large Ape.

In guerrilla warfare small groups of combatants don’t have resources of larger armies but they have certain advantages. Guerrilla armies are organized in small groups that can make decisions quicker and move quicker.  They tend to use ingenuity  and target specific areas that will deny the enemy an advantage and disrupt the enemies ability to continue the fight.

If we take some of these concepts and lightly apply them to business and how small business need to compete with larger companies then we need to develop Guerrilla marketing tactic that use small quick tactics to out sell the competition.  But marketing is about creating demand before the sale, filling the sales funnel if you will.

One needs to understand that small businesses will never have the resources of a larger competitor, just do the math.  In most companies sales and marketing are lumped together into a budget item called Sales General and Administrative (SG&A). Spending 8-12% of gross revenues for SG&A is pretty standard.  So a $1B company with a 9% SG&A budget will have $90 million to spend where a $1 million company will only have $90,000 dollars

For most small businesses $90,000 is a good sum but that won’t even cover your Pay Per Click (PPC) for a year.  The top 3 listing in a google search are paid advertisers.  They bid for certain key words and pay google every time someone clicks on their listing.  According to SpyFu.com today the long tail keyword “miami injury lawyer” cost per click (CPC) is $47.94.  If you got 50 clicks a day for 5 days that would be $47,940 a month.  That’s just for getting people to your site, the conversion rate (those that come to your page and purchase is 0.5-8% depending on the niche.

So how do smaller businesses compete ?  Guerrilla Marketing, using unconventional ways to attract customers.  The concept has been around since 1984 when Jay Conrad Levinson wrote his book Guerrilla Marketing.  The Guerrilla Marketing  principles helped people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates get their companies started and are still taught today in MBA courses.

Guerrilla tactics, by definition, are easy to understand, easy to implement, and inexpensive.  Combine that with today’s technology in particular the internet, Website technology Internet Marketing, Social Media and Social Media Marketing, Mobile devices and Mobile Marketing, and the use of Video in all these new media and you have the 2011 marketing equivalent of the industrial revolution.

Spending your marketing dollars on old media like, advertising in the phone book, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and direct mail, to name a few, is not yielding the best Return on Investment (ROI).  All those media have declining audiences. Heck, I don’t know about you, but I toss the 12 different phone books I get every 6 months.

The next issue for small businesses to grapple with is their true marketing IQ. Not everyone was cut out to be a marketing Einstein. William Lever of Unilever fame was quoted as saying “I know half of my marketing budget is wasted. I just don’t know which half.” If he could measure his marketing investment and its return it may be harder then most people think.  Where and how you spend you precious marketing dollars will make the difference between success and failure.

So keep in mind that Guerrilla Marketing™ has been around for over 27 years and has been working well. The technology today allows businesses to complete in all new ways and you need to be on the cutting edge of that trend if you want to prosper, and when it comes to marketing its sometimes smarter to get someone who is on the cutting edge to help you and to bring the cutting edge tools to your business to give you an awesomely unfair advantage.

This article was written by Joe Stratton who works in Scottsdale Arizona, but can help business owners anywhere dominate over their competition and slash their marketing costs.

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