White Label SEO Reseller

White Label SEO ResellerThe White Label SEO Reseller is a person or organization that is marketing and selling, to their clientele, the products and or services that are supplied by 3rd parties.

The term White Label SEO Reseller is a person or an organization that has access to other people, organizations or companies that have a need for Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  Reselling products or services that were created by a 3rd party and are re-labeled as your products or services is the core of a White Label Reseller.  The “white label” term comes from the plain white label placed on a parcel package that allows the seller to label that package as their own.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is comprised of the familiar Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of increasing the visibility of a web presence with the Search Engines.  The results of SEO are known as SERP (search engine result pages).  In years gone getting a first page ranking was fairly simple.  But then the Search Engine companies need to make money and began to charge fees to guarantee that your website was included on Page one and bingo Pay Per Click was invented.  Now fast forward to today and  SEO is just a part of larger marketing solution set called SEM.  SEM includes SEO but also includes Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Video Marketing, Video Optimization, and Mass Classified Postings.

Economics of Reselling

The economics of reselling is simple you need to charge more for the services or products then it costs you to purchase those products and services and run your business.  This can be done by committing to a large volume of business and getting a discount from the original product and/or service vendor, or by adding value to the product or service or any combination of the two.  Either way you need to be profitable on each product on each service.  The gross margins on this type of business can be razor thin.  To grow the gross margin percent the reseller must provide more and more Value Add.

Value Add

All projects go through several stages such as initiation, planning and design, execution and construction, monitoring and controlling, and completion.  I’ll simplify for this article to planning, implementation, and support.  In all three areas the reseller can Add Value to the end user, by knowing what the end user’s goals are, choosing and implementing the right tools in a way that maximizes the specific goals of the end user and by supporting those solutions as the business environment changes and new and better tools are developed.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is not a destination on a map that only has a few roads that lead to it.  The end point changes as the search engine companies change their rules on who get to page one, weekly changes some times. The tools that are used to get you to page one change constantly.  Think about when Google purchased YouTube video all of sudden become a lot more important to the equation.

At the other end of the equation is the end user.  Some need more business from referrals some from return business and everybody could use an injection of new clients.  The specific business and business goals of the end user define a specific solution set that need to be implemented and supported.  The White Label SEO Reseller is best positioned to bring the two together as long as they stay current on technology solutions available and present those in a compelling business manner to their clientele.