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EU may reject the Siemens-Alstom rail merger   (OTCPK:ALSMY ) Kellogg’s cookie business is up for grabs.  Bidders include Hostess Brands (NASDAQ:TWNK), B&G Foods (NYSE:BGS), and Ferrero BASF  (OTCQX:BASFY) get conditional approval by the EU to by Belgian rival Solvay (OTCQX:SVYSF) Natural Health Farm (OTCQB:NHEL) on pace to acquire Excel Herbal Industries Viacom (VIA, VIAB) taking a(…)

Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

If you are considering selling your business or a piece of your business … Or if you are considering purchasing a business … You’ll want a critical review of the business operations.  Most people focus on the P&L but that is just a piece of the total valuation.  You should also look at completing and Operational(…)

What is Business Consulting and Why You Should Consider Hiring a Business Consultant

What Is Business Consulting

Business consultants have become a critical part of an organization or company’s ability to achieve their optimum performance. Business consultants not only can save you time and money but they also increase your competitive position by expanding your professionalism. Business Consultants are outside experts that can bring a fresh perspective to existing business challenges. They can(…)

IT In Business

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IT In Business is the use of information technology as a business tool.  Used properly it can be a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. The old days of CIOs building their empires are gone. IT is and should be treated as a Service Bureau whether it is sourced internally or externally.  All companies must focus on thier(…)

Consultant or Coach

what is a business consultant, business consulting company, due diligent, due dilligence

You know your business is not running at it’s maximum efficiency. You have a high need to turn this around, and after reading a bunch of articles, taking to people you trust, you know you need help but don’t know exactly what kind. The people you know and trust that have helped you along the(…)

Thinking of buying or investing in a business

Operational Due Diligence

Thinking of buying or investing in a business.  Think twice.   Buying or investing in a business is risky, or better yet get help collecting and analyzing the data necessary to try and minimize your risk. The next consideration is completing a comprehensive operational due diligence in a cost effective manner.  However an inadequate diligence can(…)

What Is Business Consulting

what is business consulting

What is business consulting : the practice of helping an organisation improve their performance, through the analysis of existing organisational issues and development of plans for improvement. So when your looking for a Consultant or Consultancy look for people or companies that: have a common value system (if you a “customer first” company don’t hire(…)

Arizona Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center

Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center

August 1, 2014, The Scottsdale Arizona Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center has new management as Lowe Enterprises (“Lowe”), Destination Hotels & Resorts Inc., who is based in Colorado, acquired the operations contract of the Scottsdale Resort.   With two golf courses, eighty thousand square feet of meeting space, spa and three hundred and twenty six(…)