Mobile Media Marketing

Business Consulting Mobile MarketingOur Business Consulting services extends to White Listed Best-of-Bread  solutions and our Mobile Marketing Solution is no exception…  Let’s face it, when we leave the house we take our keys and our mobile device. We use our cell phones for everything these days texting messages, looking for businesses, watching videos and sometimes even a phone call or two.  Our phones give us instant contact with anyone anywhere.

The same is true of businesses looking to get you as a new customer.  Think about this for a second. You own a carpet business.  You just got off the phone with some one requesting a quote for new carpet.  You send them video email confirming your appointment.  They now know what you look like and begin to connect. After the appointment you send them a follow-up video email with you telling them what it’s going to cost, and reiterating the benefits are doing business with you and maybe an incentive coupon to purchase right away.  Again we are building a relationship, differentiating ourselves from the competition and getting a second shot at closing the business. This is the power of video email and some of what mobile marketing can do.

What restaurant doesn’t have a bowl for you to toss a business card into for a free lunch.  How are you, the restaurant owner, keeping in contact with those people?  Waiting for them to return ?  How about sending a text message at 3pm offering a two for one special for tonight. Its instant, gets to your target, and if you were to do it in video you increase the message open rate by as high as 92% according to Forester Research.  How cool is that?

Forget the days of running ads in the newspaper or on TV for your 2 for 1 dinner offers.  People are using Tivo and not watching commercials, Newspaper circulation continues to drop and you can’t take advantage of time.  The old traditional way took time.  You had to submit your materials days sometimes weeks in advance. Mobile Marketing lets you do things now, not a week from now.  Do you want more business now  or maybe 2 weeks from now ?

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