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Business Consulting Video Marketing, Video SEOOur Business Consulting services extends to White Listed Best-of-Bread  solutions and our Video Marketing Solution is no exception…  In today’s world people find what they are looking for by searching on the internet.  Businesses, Products, Services, Recommendations, Reviews and so on.

When you do a search online there are a few ads at the top center of the page, usually highlighted.  These ads are premium Pay Per Click, that is that that every time someone clicks on the ad the owner of the ad has to pay the search engine company big bucks.  It’s the price to be in the premier position on the page one.  According to WordStream long tail keywords using the word “insurance” can cost as much as $54.91, an example would be “auto insurance price quotes”.  So if we do the math and assume fifty clicks a day on your ad, for an average five days a week, that would cost you $54,910 a month.  That’s a lot of money to spend if you are a small business.

If we look at bench mark data for how much public companies spend on Sales General and Administrative  (SG&A) costs, which would include marketing, we find a range of 8-12% of gross revenues are spent for SG&A. Again, do the math and using a number on the lower end of the scale say 9%, than a $500 million dollar company would have $45 million to spend on SG&A, where a $500,000 small business would only have $45,000 dollars annually.  So how does the small company complete ?

To be honest many small and medium business don’t go online.  Some lack the knowledge to develop an effective online marketing campaign.  Most lack the technical knowledge, and when they look into traffic generation techniques like Google PPC and do the math like we did above it scares them away from the web. Others see traditional advertising like phone books and newspaper ads as more reasonably priced and they do not embrace “online marketing”

BUT what if I told you I could Guarantee you, I mean money back guarantee you Google page one rankings, with out breaking the bank.  Using Video Marketing Video Optimization tools you get to tell the story of your business and our platform will push that story across the web.

Could you imaging if all the first page search results were yours ?  It would be like having page after page after page of ads in the phone book.

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